About Digital Famme

When I was a little girl, I wanted to own an ice cream truck when I grew up. I couldn’t image being anyone other than myself, but since it was expected of me to have an answer at the ready, I decided I might as well become someone who could make everyone happy with icecold summertime treats 🍧🍦

That ice cream truck never really happened, but I am still a little different and look at the world from a ‘the glass is definitely almost full’ perspective. I am a driven and goal oriented professional with excellent communicative and social skills. Personally interested in health & food, books, gadgets and wine, but with a professional preference for a commercial, fast paced and innovative digital environment. I believe in focussing on discovering and nourishing people’s talents and not trying to turn a gelato into a pear ice lolly.

I am an initiator and a team player, always looking for new things to discover and learn, who loves a challenge and can set the right priorities. At the same time I am a bookish sports fanatic who loves life and to whom work is a way to never stop learning and cherish that inner nerd.